Bar Briefs Feature Articles from 2014

Feature Articles / July 2014

Introducing the new KCBA President: Dean Frieders
- by Divya Sarang, Esq.

2014-2015 KCBA Board of Managers

2014-2015 KCBA Committee Chairs

2014-2015 KCBF Board of Directors

KCBA Years of Service Biographies (65 & 60 Year Awards)

2014 Award Winners (Community Service Award, Liberty Bell Award, Outstanding New Lawyer Award and Pro Bono Award)

Bench & Bar Committee Seminar Highlights
- by Honorable James R. Murphy

Beyond the Bar: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s Adam Wirtz, Attorney at Law!
- by Lindsay Hatzis, Esq.

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Feature Articles / June 2014

The Cart Before the Horse; Choosing an Entity and Domain Name Without Proper Vetting and Registration at the Federal Trademark Level
- by Brie Crawford, Esq.

Making the Record
- by Honorable Kevin T. Busch

Exploring the Hope Legal Clinic at Hesed House: The Importance of Trust in our Pro-Bono Service
- by Erin Novak, NIU Law Student

Same Sex Marriage: Basics for the Illinois Practitioner
 - by Jesus Negron, Esq.

What do I do now? - How the Latest Delay in the ACA Employer Mandate Affects Your Clients
 - by Kelly Haab-Tallitsch, Esq.

Hungry Barrister - Fiora’s Restaurant

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Feature Articles / May 2014

The Illinois Compassionate Use Of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program - A Legal Overbiew
- by Michael Wong, Esq.

In Memoriam: Colleagues to be Honored at the KCBA 2014 Memorial Service

Marijuana: Is it Ready to be Used Medically? No.
- by Charles G. Woodward, MD

Cannabis, Compassion, Confusion, Cultivation and Challenges to Come...
- by Patrick Rollins, Sugar Grove Police Chief

Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office Drug Deferral Programs
- by Lindsay Hatzis, Esq.

Kane County Drug Rehabilitation Court - by Carrie ThomasLaw Firm Diversity: The New Standard of Workplace Excellence
- by Edward Druck, Esq. and Michael Hernandez, Esq.

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Feature Articles / April 2014

Toward Inclusive Meritocracies: Examining the Relationship Between Merit and Diversity in Large Law Firms
- by Arin N. Reeves J.D., Ph.D.

Technology Fosters Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Legal Profession
- by Jayne R. Reardon

Diversity in Kane County: A Way it Might Arrive
- by Patrick M. Kinnally, Esq.

“Defamation”: A Synopsis of the Diversity Committee’s CLE Seminar
- by Divya Sarang, Esq. and Priti Nemani, Esq.

Beyond the Monuments Men: Cultural Heritage Law at DePaul University College of Law
- by Ronald B. Kowalczyk, Esq.

Kane County Diversity Colors Even Common Problems
- by Judith Leesley, Esq.

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Feature Articles / March 2014

Concealed Carry In The Workplace: Considerations for Businesses
- by Michael D. Wong, Esq. and Ronald B. Kowalczyk, Esq.

Counseling a Client Who Will Be a Fact Deposition Witness in the Illinois Court System: The Role and Duties of the Attorney
- by John Ruddy, Esq. and Jina Kadakia, Esq.

Getting to Know Eric Nelson, the New Executive Director of Administer Justice
- by Diana M. Law, Esq.

May It Please The Court - by Nicole Sartori, Esq.Lincoln Sayings and Stories
- by Judge Robert J. Morrow 

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Feature Articles / February 2014

Girls’ Empowerment Groups: Shaping the Next Generation of Female Leaders
- by Mary F. Petruchius, Esq.

Counseling a Client Who will Be a Fact Deposition Witness Concerning Commercial Litigation or Foreclosure Litigation in the Illinois Court System
- by John Ruddy, Esq. and Jina Kadakia, Esq.

Music Licensing for Restaurants, Bars and Retail Establishments    
- by John S. Miranda, Esq.

Transfer on Death Insurance - A Brief Overview of Title Insurance Clearance
- by David Nelson, Esq.

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Feature Articles / January 2014

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Practicing Criminal Law (A Defense Perspective)
- by Frank Giampoli, Esq.

“Top Ten Tips” for Probating Decedents’ Estates
- by Susan Russo, Esq.

Top Ten Misstatements of Family Law Found on the Internet
- by Matthew G. Shaw, Esq.

Top Ten Reasons to Get More Involved in the KCBA New Lawyers’ Committee
- by Kirsten A. Casas, Esq.

Ten New Laws for 2014
- by Michael Wong, Esq.

Top Ten iPhone/iPad Applications for Attorneys
- by Lawrence W. Lobb, Esq.

Top Ten Reasons You Need the Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center
- by Halle Cox

Ten Ways to Improve Your (Legal) Writing
- by Paul J. Glaser, Esq.

Ten Common Pitfalls to be Aware of in Order of Protection Proceedings
- by Jamie L. Mosser, Esq. and Kathryn M. Bettcher, Esq.

Top Ten Tips to Make Your Law Practice run Smoothly
- by Nicole Sartori, Esq.

Ten Reasons to Celebrate the Ten Year Anniversary of the Children’s Waiting Room
- by Ann Lobb

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