2023 Award Winners:

           Kevin G. Drendel – Community Service Award

           Lori Hertel – Liberty Bell Award

           Margie Komes Putzler – New Lawyer Award

KCBA AWARDS – Nominations due by April 1, 2024 

Three outstanding awards are presented annually and we need your nominees! Please click the title of each award to access further information and the nomination forms.

  • 2024 Community Service Award
    The Community Service Award is presented to a member of the Kane County Bar Association who has demonstrated a broad based involvement in the community, and who is an active member of the legal profession.  The honorees have shown a firm commitment for working toward a better government and fostering civic improvements. They have impeccable character, a strong sense of family, and are held in high regard by their peers.  The Kane County Bar Association Community Service Award is presented to a well-rounded individual who, through actions, has shown a true understanding of and a caring attitude toward the community in which they reside.
  • 2024 Liberty Bell Award
    This nationally recognized award is bestowed on a non-attorney individual or community organization who has promoted a better understanding of the law, encouraged a greater respect for the law and the courts, who stimulates a sense of civic responsibility, and who contributes to good government within the community.
  • 2024 Outstanding New Lawyer
    The Outstanding New Lawyer Award is presented to someone who is in their first eight years of practice and who has shown commitment to the Kane County Bar Association through committee involvement and other contributions to the association and/or legal profession.  The honoree has also exhibited a commitment to their community and has promoted a positive view of the legal profession through their integrity and professional responsibility.  This award is presented to a well-rounded individual who, in addition to meeting other criteria, has demonstrated a high level of professional development for this early stage of their career.

Email completed forms to director@kanecountybar.org or send to Attn: Gina Armstrong 555 S. Randall Rd., Ste. 203, St. Charles, IL 60174