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Bar Briefs, is the member magazine of the KCBA, provided at no charge to members. It keeps readers informed of the latest news in the legal community, exciting bar sponsored events and seminars, members on the move. Contributors can earn CLE credit. Consider attending the editorial meetings contact Advertisement opportunity contact

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Contributors can earn CLE credit. Consider attending the editorial meetings, contact

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  • Must provide two articles per year. This may be accomplished through personal submissions or by securing an article from another author.
  • Must attend at least five meetings per year.
  • The year time frame shall be from July to June.
  • The Board will review annually the list of Editorial Board members to ensure compliance with the requirements to remain on the Board.
  • Anyone may request, or request another, to become a member of the Board, after completion of the first two requirements. Acceptance will be based on a majority vote of Board members at the following Bar Briefs meeting.
  • Removal from the Board, due to non-involvement or other reasons, requires a majority vote of the Board members. A member being considered for removal from the Board will be notified by the Editor-in-Chief prior to removal.